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The purpose of this blog is to offer my services as a LifeCoach.



  • To share my thoughts and feelings on subjects such as the nature of spirit and truth; food as love and love as food; sex, love and relationship; talking versus writing.
  • To share what I find inspiring from other sources.
  • To offer my creative projects and works from writing to photography to recipes.
  • To offer excerpts from the English version of my book Liebe, Lust und Leben (trans. Love, Lust and Life), which was originally written for a German-​speaking readership and is available from Synergia. Part autobiography, part self-​help guide, part attempt at literature, the book is a candid, insightful, and intensely personal exploration into matters of sexuality, spirituality and other fundamental human concerns. One of its most important features is the section devoted to rules for lovers.

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