“When you are guided through troubled waters in such a way, you can count yourself lucky.“

Lars Reichardt, Journalist and Author
“John’s strength is to offer deep insight into unconsciuos parts of our human personality. He is a creative artist, thinks out of the mainstream and communicates with a real sense of humor. If you want to explore personal matters with a challenging sparring partner I truely recommend John — he is a mature and wise Life Coach.“

Elisabeth Rohmert
Rohmert Management Facilitation
“For the past 16 years I have worked as an entrepreneur and managing director. In these roles I have been confronted time and again with situations that have to do with power: the exercise of power, the loss of power, the overestimation of power, both my own and other people’s. How to deal with these kinds of situations, how to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner is not a subject you will find being discussed in guidebooks for managers. That’s one reason why meeting John and being able to work with him proved to be so highly valuable. John has an incomparable way of working with people — very accurate in his analysis and surprising in his methods, with just the right amount of distance. I always had the feeling that I was not following someone’’s advice but acting on my own insights and inner findings. John, in other words, is a superb catalyst, and his work with me has helped me to deal effectively with more than one difficult situation in my life.“

Michael Timinger, COO
Schmitz Werke GmbH
“John is in tune, experienced, smart and committed. Plus he has great shoes. He brings to his work a unique blend of wisdom, compassion, and humor. He is able to quickly get to the heart of the matter, and can access resources for resolving what might feel like a hopeless situation. Being in a coaching conversation with John reminds me of being driven along a winding country road by a professional racing car driver. Which is to say that you can have a wild and exhilerating ride while at the same time feeling safe.“

Michel Renaud, Founder, RPI Coaching, author of
“Your Coach in a Book”